Friday, October 31, 2008

Through the dim lights of my bedroom...

Right now a war is waging in my home over light fixtures or to be more exact, over light bulbs. I'm an energy saving type of person, I recycle and I do what I can to conserve energy. I'm also old enough to have difficulty seeing, so when I work on my blogs I need light. My husband has replaced every single light bulb in all of our home lighting with those energy saving light bulbs.

The problem is that the wattage he decided to buy and put in everything, lamps and ceiling light fixtures and even our outdoor lighting is too dim. I can live with the dim lighting in some parts of the house, like the living room but I work in the bedroom. I must have light! A week ago he promised to buy some higher wattage energy saving bulbs for our bedroom. I'm still waiting...Yes, I could just go buy some myself but then I wouldn't be able to harass him about it.

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