Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The muzzling of Biden seems unnatural and inhumane

According to Dana Milbank in this morning's The Quiet Man:
The muzzling of Biden seems unnatural and inhumane, like taking a proud lion into captivity. Biden, who once scolded Sarah Palin for ducking reporters, hasn't given a news conference since Sept. 7. The king of the rhetorical jungle hasn't taken questions from voters in a town hall forum since Sept. 10, when he famously said that Hillary Clinton is "more qualified than I am to be vice president" and "might have been a better pick than me." He doesn't even do much chitchat with supporters at events since he was caught on tape on one such occasion contradicting Obama's energy policy.

Now even Palin takes questions from reporters on her campaign plane. But the wordiest man in Washington has to make his remarks short, sweet and canned.

I guess if Obama does win, we can look forward to Joe Biden being, "Just Joe". You actually do have to give credit to the Obama campaign for being able to muzzle him, no one has been able to do that before to Joe Biden. How good that is, depends on how you feel about what this could mean for supporting free speech versus good management in keeping what could be a negative from being one.

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