Friday, October 31, 2008

Part of the reason for the light blogging...

This weekend is an annual event that I am a larger part of than last year. Tent City, which is held in downtown Toledo, the weekend before the election. It's part homeless awareness and part providing services to those who are unhoused.

For the first time we are involved in a project we created called "1Votes" which is not your typical "drag and vote" routine that many organizations and parties do when it comes to parts of our community. Voter education/information is a part of the process with a candidate forum that is tonight and then early voting this weekend.

The candidate forum has been a nightmare, because of my third party and independent roots, I wanted to make sure an invitation was extended to all of the presidential campaigns that were on enough state ballots to have a statistical chance of winning enough electoral votes. I've spent years listening to campaign representatives who have complained they are not invited. I'd love to report that the four third party/independent presidential campaigns that are going to be on the ballot in Ohio jumped at the chance to address 400 to 500 people.

Only one campaign responded to the invitation, the Nader campaign is sending a representative. The local Republican party has not responded at all...So, tonight when a representative for the Obama campaign and a representative from the Nader campaign speak, it may appear that they were the only two who were invited, when the truth is? They are the only two who shared our belief that the unhoused and our volunteer base mattered...

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