Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stargazing in St. Lucia...

The island of St. Lucia is named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse and Lucy means "light", which made me think of lights at night...stars...Due to the weather conditions in St. Lucia, most nights are clear which means they would be perfect for stargazing. For near perfect results when it comes to enjoying the night time sky, you need to be away from the lights of the city, this makes some of the beaches on St. Lucia, especially those on the Atlantic Ocean that due to the choppier waves are not as visited, the opportunity for a more secluded viewing spot.

Another great opportunity for stargazing would be to take advantage of the many fishing and chartering boat operations to arrange for a night time sail. Whether you are a late night person like me or an early riser, this St. Lucia travel guide would help you plan the exact vacation you desire.

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