Saturday, September 29, 2007

Push-up bra ads banned as meeting nears?

The headline caught my eye as I now that's not very supportive (Okay bad joke couldn't help it). Seriously though, beyond the catchy title there is a more serious issue at work, media control in China.

The reason the ads for push up bras as well as "sexually provocative sounds" on "saucy" adverts for push-up bras and figure-hugging underwear, "low-brow and base" commercials for sex toys and those featuring famous people or experts attesting to the efficacy of medicines have all been banned is the approaching 17th Party congress that happens every five years in China. Evidently it's felt that the right public mindset has to be created:
"Every television advertisement management bureau and television station must strengthen their political consciousness and responsibility toward society," Tian Jin, deputy head of the regulator, was quoted as saying.

It earlier urged the country's increasingly freewheeling broadcasters to forgo vulgarity and bad taste in the pursuit of ratings in favor of providing "inspiring" content for the masses imbued with "socialist" values.

"Create a positive atmosphere for public opinion," the regulator cited state television head Zhao Huayong as telling his staff in preparation for the congress.

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