Friday, September 28, 2007

Credit Card company in UK with a focus on ethics...

The Co-Operative Bank takes a different tack when it comes to banking and providing credit cards, they offer the "usual fare" of selection between a zero interest credit card for an introductory period of time, and a standard credit card with a competitive interest rate, they also have a credit card that earns travel points. Online banking is available which is also becoming a standard in the credit card industry. Where the difference starts is their established policy on ethics, they have demonstrated through years in business that they put into practice what is stated. One example of their ethics policy is since 1998 they have not invested in any business involved in the extraction or production of fossil fuels. They also offer people the ability to donate to environmental and social organizations with their Affinity credit card. This means with every purchase made a donation is made to the organization/organization of your choice, whether it be Amnesty International or Hospice.

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