Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bill, chips and now John Grisham?

I think the Hillary for President campaign is taunting me, first I end up being lured with promises of potato chips and now? An email from John Grisham (yes, I know it's not really personally from John Grisham):
Dear Lisa,

Hillary once told me that she reads my novels for relaxation. It's an honor to have her reading my books, but given that I write about suspense and high drama, I sure hope she meant it as a compliment.

Either way, she's a great friend, and I even finagled an invitation to sit with Bill to watch her in an upcoming debate. I hear you might be joining us.

With the upcoming FEC deadline, this is a pivotal moment in the campaign. I hear you just contributed in the last few days, but will you consider another donation before the midnight Sunday deadline? far I'm resisting making another *huge* donation...


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