Sunday, September 30, 2007

How businesses can make the most of content management

When it comes to a company making the most of content management there are some great software tools out there that can help you share all types of information from web pages to rss feeds. Epazz Inc. provides employees the ability to create web pages without having to have to have html skills, and they also have a huge selection of options when it comes to managing email content. The ability to be able to track when an email was sent and when it was viewed is a nice administrative feature that has huge value when it comes to monitoring performance/results.

Using their External Content Aggregator is one way a business or organization can share important headlines or even blog posts found of interest to keep members and employees up to date on the latest subject of interest. The Poll Management software is another useful tool that not only gives the ability to create but to manage information in a simple and easy to use method. Epazz Inc. has been a trusted name in the content management business since 1999, and they offer a free 30 day trial free of their BoxesOS Seamless Integration system so you can see for yourself how work flow can be improved.

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