Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let Dr. Shapiro help you avoid a "hairy experience"

I think most of us have heard about situations when there have been less than happy results when it comes to having a hair transplant done. I do quite a bit of research when it comes to checking out various websites where promises or claims are made that at times seem unbelievable but it appears that Dr. Shapiro, who specializes in Hair Transplants in Florida is one of those unique doctors who goes above and beyond what others do when it comes to services and providing information.

While his treatment area is in Florida, the information provided on what to look for and what to avoid when you are considering hair transplant would be of use to those living anywhere in the world. If you have seen written or video testimonials, looked at the before and after photos and wondered if they really are true, when it comes to Dr. Shapiro, his office will arrange for you to talk to former patients. This way you can see what types of results are possible for you to experience. Something else unique is the first consultation is free and you are encouraged to call and ask about getting the first 100 hair grafts for free. Hair loss is a serious issue for men and women, and Dr. Lawrence J. Shapiro, D.O.P.A is committed to providing a permanent and pain free solution.


Hair transplant said...

Hair is composed of dead material, but here are several ways you can donate life.

Hair replacement said...

However, there is nothing to worry about. Now you will find lots of ways to counter this problem. There is scalp flap surgery, scalp reduction surgery, follicular hair transplantation, etc. Naturally, now-a-days it has become very easy to have natural hair restoration in baldness. The only thing you need is to spot the type of transplantation suitable for you.