Saturday, November 07, 2009

Six months of peace until the next election cycle begins...

It was a semi-disappointing local election season. Some of those I would have liked to have see won did, but some of those I really hoped wouldn't win did...

I was busier this time than previous elections, in part because in typical Lisa style, I tried to do everything I was doing before the political season ramped up and to be perfectly honest, Glass City Jungle has become a full time job in itself. I've made some changes there that have helped cut down on my having to monitor things so closely, but it's still a 60 to 70 hour a week gig in non-election seasons if I cover what I want to cover.

So, this blog was not cherished as much as it should have been, I'm behind on emails to friends, and I got behind on assignments that I earn income on. Rather than jump back into the fray, I'm slowly getting back to where I was, with some time to kill in Mafia Wars, that is still a great stress reliever. (smile)

I'm behind on national stories, I was so involved in what was happening locally that I didn't even realize some of what was happening globally or nationally. That I'm also getting caught up on. Thanks to those of you who kept reading, most of you have been with me since I started this, or shortly after. I appreciate your loyalty.

One of the most fun aspects of this past election was my first time on television as a political "expert" on FOX Toledo. One of the great guys from FOX Toledo took a picture of the panel I was a part of while he was filming one of the Mayoral candidates victory party event and Shaun Hegarty, one of Fox Toledo's anchors was kind enough to email it to me, so I'm sharing it here, with you instead of on GCJ.


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Robin said...

It does look like you all were enjoying yourselves. :)