Saturday, October 31, 2009

My latest Rant & Rave

I don't wear makeup on a regular basis, and I really don't stop to think much about acne treatments, or at least I didn't, but now I've discovered that for some reason, as luck would have it when I am getting ready to be taped for my Rant & Rave, I'll have one pimple that decides to rear it's ugly head...Which means I "borrow" one of the girl's make up since I haven't had any of my own in years. It also means it's probably time to buy my own though I'm pretty sure you won't be able to tell, and most people concentrate on the content rather than my appearance...I forget how I look or how I might want to fix my hair when I start talking about a topic near and dear to my heart...Until I watch myself...


Missdeejay said...

Sometimes we get so caught up in everyday living we forget about #1,but go out and buy some make=up for YOU I bet that you will be pleasantly surprised,let the lady at the make-up counter help you with putting everything on.We and you will notice that beautiful butterfly.You go GIRL!!!!

J. Rowsey said...

You're a rock star!