Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Geither will not last long into 2010

I admit he was never one of my favorite choices, back in February of 2009, the underwhelming of Geithner was a post topic here.

It still continues, with The Gathering Geithner Storm in Forbes. Part of which:

It was jarring last week to see the Treasury Secretary under intense fire before Congress, being asked to resign for the good of the country. It was more like Prime Minister's Questions in the British Parliament than the more deferential mode we are used to. Timothy Geithner fought back vigorously, but he lost his cool. His team at Treasury was said to be happy to see him showing a little moxie. Unfortunately the episode didn't add to his gravitas, which is in short supply.

Several blog and media outlets are speculating on who would replace Geithner...

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