Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Timothy Geithner underwhelming many...

If Timothy Geithner thought things were tough related to the media coverage on his tax issues, it doesn't appear it's getting any better. His first press conference does not appear to have wowed many. In fact, it appears to be the opposite:

Geithner Can’t Find Gun, Let Alone Silver Bullet

For Geithner’s Debut, a Lukewarm Reception

Why Markets Dissed the Geithner Plan

Is Geithner Ready for Prime Time?

Tim Geithner's troubled premiere

Canada’s Dollar Falls as Geithner Plan Fails to Spur Confidence

Timothy Geithner no superhero

Any bets on how long Geithner will be around?


Jason said...

I don't think Obama will admit that he made a mistake with Geithner. I think he is too arrogant to admit that and ask for his resignation. What do you think?

Lisa Renee said...

Perhaps Geithner will do the right thing and resign and save Obama from being placed in that situation.

Obama already admitted he screwed up once, it's possible if things continue this badly he could again but he can only do that so many times before it becomes a problem.

Jason said...

I have pretty much zero conference in his ability to handle our economic problems. I'm not yearning for the Bush days, but I'm not liking what I see so far.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm not yearning for the Bush days either, but it stands to reason with the concerns about Geithner this was going to be a rocky road and it doesn't appear he impressed many. Some still had high expectations, but after today? That doesn't seem to exist in many media outlets, will he be able to pull it off and change this around? Possible, but doubtful.

The News Writer said...

The choice of Geithner is the single most perplexing thing so far in the Obama administration. Call me crazy, but it seems to me if you want to get out of the mess we're in, you don't pick one of the authors of that mess to direct our escape.

Jill said...

I was just curious to see what the evolution of the Treasury Sec'y was during Bush's years (I'd look further back but I am just pretty sure it's all going to look more or less the same re: the ups and downs etc):

Paul O'Neill - Wikipedia says he resigned "under pressure from the admin" in 12/02, not quite two years into his term, and went on to criticize the Bush admin. It also says that O'Neill maintains that he did not resign but rather was forced to leave (wow, sounds like the Wide Open Jeff Coryell situation re: fired/resigned thing)

John Snow - of Toledo! I didn't know or remember that. He lasted more than three years (from 2003-2006) according to that entry. A little over a year after he began, connections to Fannie Mae an Freddie Mac are indicated to have been discovered - some ethical issues raised and cleared by...the Treasury dept.

Hank Paulson was next and we know more or less the path that he took, bringing along with him many Goldman Sachs people.

My guess? Geithner isn't going anywhere. But if he does, it probably won't get more than a yawn from me - it just won't be all that surprising. And I'm also not sure how much difference it will make.