Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cold winter of discontent for the warm-mongers

Or is it? There are two items that I think should be pointed out, first it's being reported that the earth has not warmed at all in the past decade but the sea level is rising because of ice melt in Greenland.

Does this mean the end of global warming as a theory? Not completely, since it was based on more than mean temperature, it was also measured on co2. Ten minutes from Al Gore that makes that point...

Last winter here in Ohio, it was the coldest winter since 1994, so it's clear that the temperature in our area has not risen. What is the answer? Beyond knowing that pollution and man does have an impact on the environment, does that mean that all of the concern for the environment should be tossed out because the mean planet temperature has not raised? Then there is the computer hacking story, should it be a bigger story? Is the MSM not covering it enough? Perhaps not, but if the computer system was hacked into, how does one know for certain what is being released was really written? It's not that hard to change material...If the material released wasn't altered, does that make the concerns go away?

Not all of them, at least not if you have paid attention to all of the issues, taking them into consideration with what we do know, and that is co2 numbers are rising, glaciers are melting, the sea level is rising. Something is causing that...How much of a degree does man impact that has and is still the issue.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I'm a nomad (refugee from CA), I have to consider where to live next, and it's interesting how altitude and availability of potable water are high in my mind these days.