Saturday, February 07, 2009

We trimmed the fat, fried the bacon and milked the sacred cows

So, the Senate, at least some of them seem to have come to an agreement related to the Stimulus Plan with the remaining question still being, "Will it work?"

I'm not sure what, if any impact this will have on my family, some of whom are really struggling related to unemployment and increased health care costs. There's very little in there that helps people directly, which I supposed could change depending on what the States do with their share. Most of the aid designed for home owners won't help those in my circle who rent, spending millions on home weatherization would be great, this old house leaks like a seive but? We are renters.

Many of those in my neighborhood are like us, hopeful, believing a better economy will eventually "trickle down" to us but not really seeing any potential for an immediate improvement for us. If however someone like James Kenneth Galbraith (curtsey to Newswriter) was in charge? His suggestions would have an immediate impact for a lager group of people, just the temporary elimination of collection on Social Security for employers and employees would have a dramatic increase in not only personal but business cash flow.

It could create a scenario where some who are laid off could be called back to work, and here in Ohio where people are netting less total income than two years ago? It'd be a nicer raise than many have gotten in some time.

So, while the Senate is trimming the fat, frying the bacon and milking sacred cows? Many of us are waiting to see how it impacts us being able to put bread on the table...


The News Writer said...

If only our elected leaders listened to actual economists rather than the pretend ones who lobby them.

Lisa Renee said...

I wish it were that simple, it gets complicated when even the economists don't agree. On another one of my blogs I mentioned this Newsweek article as an example of conflicting economists. When you then throw those who are not economists into the mix? It's no wonder so many are confused.