Friday, February 06, 2009

Things you should always have...

It'd be easy right now with as bad as it is economic wise for people to stop paying for things like life insurance, let alone worry about life insurance rates depending on which part of the country you live in. If your home is in danger of being foreclosed on, if you just lost your job or your hours have been cut, you get into what I call "crisis survival mode" where all you end up focusing on is how to get through the next day, and at times the next hour.

It could however be worse for your family if you are experiencing that type of a financial crisis and something happens to you, or to one of them. Before you stop paying, if you can't pay, talk to your agent, check around and see if there is a better option that you can afford, but don't let your insurance lapse unless you have no choice...I've seen too many people recently have some pass away and not only not have the money for a funeral but no money to help them survive the loss of income.

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Life Critical Illness said...

Life and critical illness insurance should be on most people's agenda. More and more people will eventually see the benefits thanks, largely to the power of the internet.Until then we will just have to learn form other people's mistakes.