Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seven things you don't know about me...

My friend Jason from The Rowsey Blog tagged me with the meme of "Seven things you don't know about me." It's actually been some time since I did one of these, since it was Jason I decided I'd give it a shot. It's going to be hard to come up with seven things some of you who have known me for a long time won't know.

1. I never planned on having any children, I did not even like babysitting and in theory I was supposed to have a difficult time conceiving. Five children later, I learned God has an interesting sense of humor.

2. Knowing that my oldest child, my only son, is going to turn 26 tomorrow is both a moment of pride and one where I ask myself, "Sheesh, am I really that old?"

3. I freak my 14 year old daughter out when she discovers some of her favorite songs are ones I was already listening too. The most recent one is "Shattered" by O.A.R.

4. I used to not only play guitar but was a lead singer in a band. Obviously we didn't make it...

5. I lost my very first love when we both ran away from home together when I was 16. When we got caught, he was sent away to some youth facility and I have never been able to find him since. To this day I avoid being in the state of Utah any longer than possible, that's where we were caught.

6. I've started several books and have managed to only finish one of them.

7. Miguel is my third husband, I'm trying to see if that old adage, "Third time is a charm" is true or just bs people like to tell you after you've failed at something twice.

Something you all know is I'm not a traditionalist, so, rather than tag 7 of you, anyone who wants to play along can let me know or if you are one of my readers that doesn't have a blog, (Yes C...that means you too) are more than welcome to share 7 things that I don't know about you in the comments.



Mark W Adams said...

I was just checking since I've seen this going round the 'sphere and wanted to see who you'd tag. I was going to move on after (approvingly) seeing that you broke the silly chain.

Then I saw you were a lead singer and guitar player in a band -- which is also something no one on the net knows about me too. (That's #1).

Roaching my voice at a sock hop (honest) singing KISS's God of Thunder, my mom's boyfriend suggested private voice lessons (#2) with someone he knew, a guy who happened to be the musical director of the Youngstown playhouse and talked me into auditioning for the roll of Fyedka and ended up doing musical theater non-stop for three more years (#3).

I went to Ohio University because they sent me a $500 scholarship just on my ACT scores, accepting me without my even applying or ever sending them a transcript.(#4) But the main reason I went is because they had the best performing arts program in Ohio -- but instead of becoming a theater major I changed my mind on the day we signed up for classes and entered a pre-law program just to see if I could do it, and they kept passing me. (#5)

I met F.Lee Baily when I was eight years old, watching a murder trial through the crack in the door from the judges chambers my Grandmother worked for, so I guess the law was in my blood before the acting/singing thing.(#6)

I MC'd karaoke on the weekends for about three years, and usually would bring the guitar and perform a few songs each night until about two years ago when the fad kinda died out. (That's 7).

Lisa Renee said...

It's interesting how people we met at such a young age had an impact on us isn't it? You met F. Lee Baily at 8 and I met Shirley Chisholm at 12 and we were both rockers.


The News Writer said...

I didn't meet anybody cool at that tender an age, unless you count Dan Blocker. I was 8. Always did want to be Roy Rogers.

And I, too, am a rocker. Lead guitar, me. We never made it either, except on a local and regional scale, but we've never really officially called it quits, either, although we've not played in a while.

We were born when we realized Ronald Reagan was going to be president and there was nothing we could do about it, except start a band.

We actually did have an offer, once, from a fairly large record label, but they wanted us to change some of our lyrics, something we did only once -- we didn't sing the word "fucked" in a recording so the song would get radio play. Oddly enough, that wasn't one the record label wanted us to change. It was pretty much the rest of the lyrics in the song, which was about a lesbian in a relationship with a flaky bisexual girl.

Lisa Renee said...

Maybe there's some connection to people I like who were former rockers, it's like subconscious.

We played the local bar scene but then some of us started having children and the band split up. It was the typical scenario where the people didn't want to hear our stuff, just the top stuff.

Jason said...

Lisa Renee -

Are there any youtube videos going around from the old band days? :-)

Lisa Renee said...

Jason, no and unfortunately the only audio tape I had of us performing was destroyed by an ex-husband who felt it necessary to destroy all of my personal mementos from my life including year books, photos, book manuscripts, etc.

Thankfully I still have some photos that my parents had and I still have the memories.

Jason R. said...

Any chance you will come out of retirement? :-)

Barga said...

Mine will be up on wednesday

Mark W Adams said...

Saw your mention on my morning Blade's front page -- excellent! The picture on pg 8 doesn't do you justice whatsoever.

Lisa Renee said...

I was laughing, it could have been a worse photo but I don't disagree it's not the best one of me. I was surprised in reading it this morning, the interviews were done about a month ago, JC did an excellent job.

Link for anyone else who wants to read it.

The News Writer said...

Very nice article. Fuzzy blue socks, huh?

Lisa Renee said...

Yes, I'm a fan of crazy socks, especially fuzzy ones.


Robin said...

Hmmm... to come up with seven things and still keep my (somewhat) anonymity. 8)