Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Remembering elderly neighbors during the holidays...

When I lived in the township I had quite a few elderly neighbors that did not have close family near them. Our family ended up "adopting" a few, helping when we could and making sure that they were not only okay but so that they knew someone cared about them. I learned first hand the difficult decisions they had to make even when the economy was better for many than it is now. After we moved we still stayed in touch and unfortunately now the last one of our former friends passed away last year.

It's made me more sensitive about my neighbors even in our new area, especially in the type of society we seem to live in where few of us even know our neighbors, let alone look out for them. At holiday times we would make a small basket of homemade treats for our friends, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive gift baskets though for some of you who don't bake that might actually be an easier option (smile). I have to admit though that the gift that always seems to be most appreciated is one of time. My children benefited from the relationships and the stories that were shared with them, and to me that's the best type of a giving moment, when you not only give something but get something equally valuable in return.

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