Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bill Richardson Offers an Olive Branch?

Some might have thought that Richardson's statement today:

"There are some who speak of a team of rivals. But I've never seen it that way. Past competitors, yes. But rivals implies something harder edged and less forgiving."

Was directed at Obama or the overall premise of this "team of rivals" mentality that has been recently pushed in the media. Chris Cillizza believes this message was for the Clintons.

I'm not sure, he could be correct or this could be Richardson doing what has been done by the President-elect recently, trying to downplay some of the things said on the campaign trail. We saw this clearly the other day when the questions concerning Obama and his campaign staff's past comments about Hillary's foreign experience be poo poo'd as the media "just trying to have fun".

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Jason R. said...

I'm getting tired of hearing the team of rivals crap. Maybe he is just choosing who he thinks would do best.

I know that everything is political and that he is choosing his people for those reasons, but as long as they are qualified, who cares?

I can hardly stand watching TV and MSNBC with their Obama Love Fest and Team of Rivals B.S.