Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The future of presidential bashing/humor

One thing about our nation is we love to bash our elected officials, granted it has gotten more "robust" these past few years when it comes to the level of the discourse but most of us remember when President Nixon was "tricky dicky" and President Clinton was "slick willie" among some of the humor based "endearments" that were tossed their way.

While some focused on dreams of seeing Karl Rove "frogmarched" out of the White House in handcuffs and some continued to focus on the goal to impeach george bush the reality is Democrats in Congress supported the war and very few pushed for impeachment.

I could not help wondering when I see things like this cartoon image:

Then after watching the cartoon video at, what will happen when Obama is President? We've accustomed ourselves to making fun of President Bush, whether you find it funny or not, seeing a cartoon version of George Bush's head on a monkey body is not considered overly offensive. Yet, not long ago when a company created an Obama sock money doll, cries of racism were heard.

Personally I did not find the cartoon that funny, especially the part where the President said Governor Palin was a MILF. Bush is not going to go down in history as one of our best presidents, but how the next president and members of my party respond when the bashing/humor begins in earnest will show not only how the Democrats act when it is them being focused on but will Republicans rise above it or engage in tit for tat...

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Anonymous said...

will show not only how the Democrats act when it is them being focused on

Democrats had to endure 8 years of drivel during the Clinton administration (and forget about the scandal in '98!) and go through the turmoil of an impeachment.

I think they can make it this time.