Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I remember hope...

Something I wrote back in July of 2005:

Wanted Political Savior

MWF Seeking M/F for a four year commitment, an additional four year extension is available depending on performance. The desired candidate will demonstrate the ability to unite a majority of over 50 family members. He or she will neither promote nor diminish religion, realizing that there are various faiths and beliefs within our family.

The rights of individual family members will be respected tempered with the knowledge that we all share this home and that some common sense rules are necessary. He or she will also believe strongly that the home we all share is to be cared for and not destroyed, while some normal wear and tear is expected. Those who within the family have more will be expected to contribute a larger portion than those less fortunate family members for the upkeep of our home. However, those family members with less are expected to do their best to pull their weight in making other contributions to the smooth running of the household. When there is a disagreement, the ability to compromise must be present with also the wisdom to know there will always be times when compromise can not be reached; yet respect still given. Interested applicants will have room and board provided as well as many other amenities. This is a challenging position yet holds many rewards for the right candidate.

If only it were that easy, yet in reality that is what it is going to take to break the stranglehold the Republican and Democratic parties have on our political system. This past presidential election 1,224, 611 Americans had the courage to vote Third Party, one percent of all votes. Ninety-nine percent of voters believed they only had a choice between a Democrat or a Republican. When you put it in that context it might be easy to lose hope; which is why we need the mythical person I wrote the ad for. The 99% that felt they had such a limited choice are the very ones that need to be reached. I know many people that did not want either John Kerry or George Bush as their President; however they bought into the you are just throwing your vote away line of thought. They wanted better, but did not demand it. They wanted choices; yet let their choice be made for them.

As a critique of the Third Parties, there are too many candidates. Too many wanting to be cooks and not enough who wanted to be the hostess, ego in some cases getting in the way of creating a strong unified voice. Instead of trying to find common goals worth striving for, too much time was spent on trying to fight for the votes of those who do have the courage to vote third party and not enough on encouraging main stream voters to join them. If the common goal is to diminish the power of the Republicans and Democrats who control the game, the game has to be learned to be played differently by us. To not do this dooms us into obscurity of being forever that one percent that is so split it gives no real influence.

We need a candidate who can somehow not only unify a majority of those of us not satisfied with the two parties but that can also inspire those who feel the only choice is D or R that there is a viable alternative for them. We need a Political Savior, and soon.

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Scott G said...

My political spirit has been crushed by President Bush and all of our national and state leaders