Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cable versus Direct TV ad wars

If you watch any amount of television chances are you are going to see quite a few ads by the various dish companies out there like Direct TV and then some by your local cable company. With the death of the old fashioned "free" television that you could pick up with regular rabbit ears it's going to be interesting to see how this affects the number of subscribers for both cable and satellite television.

There are advantages to directtv over cable, especially if you are a sports fan. Satellite has done a better job in securing exclusives though in some areas cable is trying to compete when it comes to providing more sports coverage. Most of the NFL fans I know have directv due to their additional programming.

The one downside to satellite here in Toledo, is the one local government channel that I use to watch and record City Council meetings is only available on cable. Which I think is unfortunate because it leaves all of those who do have regular antenna or satellite television unable to watch the programming. In theory the City is supposed to stream/save City Council meetings on their website, but until that day happens, a large segment of the population does not have access to what is touted as a "community" channel.


Robin said...

I think "free" TV will still be available. They have those converter boxes, now. You still need the rabbit ears for your TV to work properly.

Lisa Renee said...

Yes, it still will be free, but there's been a push by both dish and satellite to boost numbers with the end of free tv without the converter box.