Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sigh...Republican kids don't look "genuine" more hypocrisy

Not long ago I wrote a post about how I feared this election would create scenarios where people I used to respect, I didn't anymore or I'd hold them in less esteem. Not that it will matter in the larger scope of life, but at times I get so tired of the hypocrisy. So when I read this last night, written by the same person who recently stated that the Clintons deserved admiration and respect on their blog, then "Bill Clinton is creepy" on another blog, wrote this after having earlier posted that Obama had said he felt children should be "off limits":
damn but none of the kids of these candidates ever look genuine compare their faces to those of the Biden kids and the Obama kids - no comparison

*Gasp* I sure as hell can't vote for one of them because their kids...they aren't used to being paraded around on display! If I had to pick one word for what I've seen too much of recently it would be petty or shallow. Republicans wish for rain, so Democrats ramp up and wish for a hurricane...Bash Clinton and call her a bitch and then critique that she's not doing enough to help Obama win. Pretend to mourn how women are treated, then treat those who don't agree with you on Obama as if they are traitors.

Thankfully there are still some out there that make me feel as if there are a few of us out there who still believe basic human decency should exist, like this commenter responding to a picture of Palin from her college days:

AP Breaking News as re-reported by Huffington Post!

20 years ago, VP Candidate Sarah Palin had a t-shirt that was a pun about being broke, that had to do with her breasts! Because, you know, as a woman she has breasts, and she was a college student! OMG!

Kids, let that be a lesson to you - those humorous t-shirts that you're wearing today? Yeah, just try running for public office, like, ever. We will track down photos. We will show them on TV.

Because we can.

All of this has really made me question my decision two years ago to try to make the Democratic Party a better one. It's not just my libertarian family background and my independent nature, it's watching what people are doing to others and really not being proud of being a Democrat anymore. I know many of you will know what I'm going to write next, "if it's wrong, it's wrong" if it was wrong of "them" to do it to "us" then it's just as wrong for us...

Of course the media is going after Palin look what they did to Clinton. We aren't disagreeing with people based on their ideology...We are seeing gutter politics at the end of which? No matter who wins, Obama or McCain the part of Washington that is the primary reason things are so wrong, Congress, will be the same...If we truly want change, the only way for that to happen is to really change something. Keeping the same exact system but merely replacing Republicans with Democrats and vice versa hasn't exactly done much for us these past few years has it? Have you noticed a dramatic improvement in your life since the Democrats got a majority in Congress? Yeah, I know, it's supposedly because there aren't enough of them and those *nasty* republicans have stopped them. Pelosi doesn't want you to remember the promises that were made and as always? When their promises were broken, the focus was on what the other guys did wrong, rather than why they didn't keep their word.

I should have waited, now some of the same people I once respected made fun of a special needs baby, suggested that Cindy McCain drugged the baby and that it looked fake. They also made fun of the 7 year old.

Classy people...


Robin said...

In all honesty, the baby and the 7 year old shouldn't have been in the audience. I can't think of anything more boring for a child, than to listen to a bunch of grown ups talk for hours. (Same goes for any politicicans children).

Lisa Renee said...

If I were making a huge speech like that, I'd want my children and my grandchild there.

On the campaign trail? I agree they should keep kids out of it.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Now that's what I call a good old fashioned dose of UNCOMMON sense.

To borrow someone else's terminology, Ditttos!!!


Robin said...

If I were making a huge speech like that, I wouldn't want my kids in the audience. I would not want the cameras on them. It would be too much of a distraction, for me. The crowd would be too overwhelming for both of them. Plus, my son would probably be yelling "You're boring, Mom! I want to go home." LOL!

Lisa Renee said...

Good point...Maybe I wouldn't want my granddaughter there - she'd be wanting to crawl up and "talk" herself.