Sunday, May 11, 2008

John Edwards chimes in...

John Edwards has finally chimed in on the presidental race, supposedly on Face the Nation where he is quoted as saying:
"I think it is likely, certainly, at this point, that Senator Obama will be the nominee," said Edwards, a former North Carolina senator and two-time presidential candidate.

He added on CBS's "Face the Nation," "I think the one thing that [Clinton] has to be careful about ... is that, if she makes the case for herself, which she's completely entitled to do, she has to be really careful that she's not damaging our prospects, the Democratic Party, and our cause, for the fall."

Edwards said Clinton has been making "a pretty compelling case for her candidacy," but "you can no longer make a compelling case for the math."

While I'm less than happy as an Edwards supporter that he was not the presidential candidate since I think he was far superior to either Obama or Clinton, things didn't work out that way and at least he didn't disrespect his supporters by endorsing either Clinton or Obama despite the pressure that was placed on him to pick one.

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Roland Hansen said...

Unfortunate that John Edwards is not the leader of the pact, but his take on the subject is true in all regards.

LR: In your comments of the last paragraph, you have expressed my own sentiments exactly.