Sunday, May 11, 2008

A mild version of Animal House...

Last night my oldest daughter had her college friends over for a graduation party. Having heard stories of some of the fraternity parties in the past, I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I had some initial fears. However, while they did drink and play beer pong, those who drank too much that did not have designated drivers stayed over, nothing was broken, no one threw up, and no one caused me to feel as if I needed to take mass quantities of drugs that would entail a later trip to drug rehab from the experience.

Similar to high school parties (minus the drinking) the key to a successful party is mass quantities of snack foods, hot dogs, chips, chocolate chip cookies and mini cheescakes were consumed in a larger quantity than the beer...Though surprisingly the fresh veggie tray was well received, so at least as they've gotten older they are eating a bit healthier.

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