Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The difference is clear

What I received tonight from both Democratic Presidential candidates...

Dear Lisa,

Tonight's victory in Indiana was close, and a margin that narrow means just one thing: every single thing you did to help us win in Indiana helped make the difference.

Every call you made, every friend you spoke to about our campaign, every dollar you contributed made tonight's victory possible. And I couldn't be more thankful for your hard work.

Every time we've celebrated a victory, we've celebrated it together. And tonight is no exception. This victory is your victory, this campaign is your campaign, and your support has been the difference between winning and losing.

Thank you so much for making this campaign possible. Let's keep making history together.

Lisa --
We just won a decisive victory in North Carolina thanks to people like you.
Indiana remains too close to call. But what is clear is that we did much better than all the pundits predicted, despite Republicans changing parties to support Senator Clinton, believing she would be easier for Senator McCain to defeat.
Here's where we stand.
As of Tuesday morning, we needed just 273 delegates to clinch the nomination. When the votes are fully counted Wednesday morning, we will have gained more than a third of them in a single day.
We have a clear path to victory. But now is the time for each one of us to step up and do what we can to close out this primary.
Please make a donation of $25 right now:

Thank you for everything you're doing,

Who at least pretends to care more? Pretty clear...


mark skeldon said...

I don't think that a comparison of these emails makes it clear that either candidate cares more.

Their campaigns are at very different places. Clinton is haning on for dear life, with most observers who don't back either candidate saying that the nomination is Obama's, she's still really working it. Obama (and his supporters) feel like they are going to win the nomination (I would agree with them) and are just waiting to exhale.

Most people reading Obama's email are invested in the campaign and don't need to be thanked over and over.

Cyberseaer said...

Pretends is the keyword there, Lisa. At least Obama is honest is saying that he needs more cash to continue. Hillary has changed her accent and her favorite sports team so many times to please everyone, she makes me wonder if she will make definative choices on policies or will she decide things through commitee, should she become president.