Friday, March 07, 2008

Ummm Tupac? Why should the DNC pay for your mess up?

I'm sorry that the voters in Michigan and Florida have legislators and party officials that thought they were above the rules. It would really stink to be a voter and to know that because of their action your primary vote would not count. Yet, when I read this quote:
State Sen. Tupac Hunter, Obama's co-chairman in Michigan, has doubts about any revote.

"From a timing perspective, a financial perspective, as well as a logistical perspective, I am not sure the options of a new primary or a caucus are feasible at this point," Hunter said.

But if there is one, he said, the national party should assume both financial and operational responsibility.

I had to ask...Why in the world should the DNC have to assume financial responsibility for a situation created by your fellow Michigan Democrats?

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Scott G said...

They knew they would break a rule and were told what the punishment would be. I don't see a good way that the DNC can either modify the punishment or keep it as/is and not look bad now.