Wednesday, March 05, 2008

St. Patrick's Day and the Catholic Church...

This was an interesting article that I came across today, St. Patrick's Day, Catholic Church march to different drummers.
Don the green and boil the cabbage: St. Patrick's Day celebrations are starting early this year — at least for some Irish-Americans who don't want to run afoul of the Roman Catholic Church.

Festivities kick off this weekend — more than a week before March 17 — with Philadelphia, Milwaukee and New Haven, Conn., among cities holding parades. That's because St. Patrick's Day falls during Holy Week for the first time since 1940.

And to preserve the week's solemn focus, church officials have moved St. Patrick's feast day up to March 14. Some event organizers have moved up their celebrations as well.

It's an easy way to find out who really supports the religious aspect and who's in it just for the green beer.



Cyberseaer said...

So all good Irish Catholics will get drunk three days before St. Patty's day so that the Catholic Church won't be offended? Yuck. I would think that God had bigger shoulders then to worry if a few of His children get a little toasted on the week that His Son gets railroaded in a kangaroo court and then execute for preaching love and happiness.

Does this mean that I have to postpone my daughter's 13th birthday party after the anniversarial mourning time? (It is also on St. Patty's Day) Can't be happy and celebrate life when we're about to praise a Holy Execution. People need to lighten up.

toledo1 said...

Just an FYI - it's not aniversarial mourning time. It is a time to remember the fact that Jesus died for our sins. Our small sacrifices during this time of year allows us the opportunity to remember the ultimate sacrifice that He made for us. So if a few of his children cannot take one day out of their selfish lives to remember that Jesus gave his life to save ours, then maybe he died in vain. My goodness, He did not die so our lives could be as self-centered as you are describing. Enjoy your beer and birthday cake, you have it because Jesus died for it.

Scott G said...

I am in it for the beer.

I went to Catholic schools for 12 years and grew up in an extremely Catholic area and there weren't many things that kept the people I knew from drinking. My friends will probably just celebrate twice.

I am an Irish Buddhist though who used to be Catholic. I think all major religious holidays lost their meaning to many long before this. It probably happened with Santa, Easter eggs, and Peeps.

Cyberseaer said...

Looks like toledo1 is one of those people who need to lighten up. I have been raised Catholic and I respect Jesus' sacrifice. I appreciate it more after seeing The Passion of Christ with the raw and brutal reality that Jesus went through and not the sanitized verison that we Cathloics drone out in a unionize speech every Good Friday.

I don't take His Sacrifice in vain, but the Roman Catholic Church is getting way too anal for it's own good. Why else would people go to other religions, like scott g did.

In the end, the only way to get into Heaven is to believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Having a beer to celebrate one of God's servants on Holy Week isn't a Hell worthy damnation.

It doesn't matter to me, since I don't care about St. Patrick's Day and I have drank in over 17 years (no I do not have a problem nor go to AA meetings), so this rule doesn't affect me. But the fact that the Church feels like it has to dole out another rule to dominate us is just silly. Aren't we Catholics repressed enough?

To quote the movie Dogma, "You Catholics don't celebrate your faith, you mourn it." Ain't that the God's honest truth? Let's all relax and celebrate the fact that we will live forever due to Jesus' sacrifce and not get all hung up on what freaking day it falls on.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't think Toledo1 realized that you were not being 100% serious.

Speaking of being serious...I owe you one hell of a novel which hopefully will be written tomorrow.


Cyberseaer said...

I put all the blame on myself. In my first comment, I didn't use my winky eye. I guess that I am not good at sarcasic writings without my winky eye. ;) I will improve myself and add winky eye whenever I can. ;) So that this way all peoples will know when I am serious and when I'm not. ;) Winky eye and I will be forever linked into history so that all will know my intentions and ways of being. ;)

As for your novel, I await it with great eager and joy. I too must write about things that mean nothing and are of less value. I will have large amounts of time in the morrow for a flood hath cometh upon my village and dwelling as to impede any and all travels that I may fare. (OK, when in the hell did I transport to the thirteeth century?) ;)

Lisa Renee said...

While you are being floodeth, we are being snoweth...

Never forget the :-) it will protect you from the evil...