Friday, March 07, 2008

Clinton campaign did not darken Obama picture...

Not that it will stop the bs being spread about the racism attempt but for those who care about the facts:

Our video team took a look. Our conclusions:

* The Obama frames from the ad do appear darker than other video of Obama from the same event.

* However, the YouTube copy of the ad, on which the bloggers base their conclusions, is darker overall than other copies of the ad. We obtained a digital recording of the ad as it actually appeared on a Texas TV station, and it is lighter.

* Furthermore, our analysis of the Obama frames, using Photoshop, shows a fairly uniform darkening of the entire image including the backdrop. It is not just Obama's skin color that's affected.

* Also, nearly all the images in the ad are dark, including those of Hillary Clinton. And dark images are a common technique used in attack ads.

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