Saturday, March 08, 2008

Everyone should use Free Credit Reports...

I was recently surprised the other day to realize that several people I knew that are pretty tech savvy people were not aware that you can get a Free Credit Report every year from the top three credit reporting agencies. You don't have to pay an additional fees for this, though they do charge if you want your actual credit score number. Realistically most times you don't need to know your credit score number it's watching to make sure that you have nothing on your credit report that you are unaware of is what is important.

There is also quite a bit of information online when it comes to other financial issues such as Secured Credit Cards, they can be a huge help if that is the only way you can get a credit card. However, it's really important to read the fine print and to make sure that you have taken the time to Compare Credit Cards since they are not all equal. Some of the fees that are charged for credit cards for those with less than perfect credit can be very high. I remember once being excited to learn I was approved then seeing that the fees for a card with a $200.00 credit line was $150.00. Suddenly that did not seem as if it was that great of an offer.

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Anonymous said...

I just got my first credit report for my self and mother last year.
If anyone apartment hunting some places will charge you extra for credit report.
You can show your own credit report but only if less than 30 days old. Wisconsin at least.
So spread out your 3 free reports even if not apt hunting.