Saturday, December 29, 2007

Someone with the initials L.W. must be declared the winner!

One of the more popular Publisher Clearing House scam messages is the use of "your" initials and the magic words that "someone with the initials of...must be declared a winner". I've gotten that missive more times than I have that Andy Hagler was going to win my money if I didn't act.

What's funny is the almost desperation in the messages increases, as well as the number of times you get emails. It used to be only once or twice a week but the past few days I've been getting the emails from Publisher's Clearing House several times a day. Each time pointing out that while it's not required to purchase anything, I haven't purchased anything yet.

Nor will I, but I can promise that if I ever do win any money? Then I will buy things, not from them of course but I have to do whatever I can to be "the L.W." who will win (lol).

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I received the same e-mail, except with my initials of course... It just makes you think you will actually win something thus making you more likely to purchase something from their sponsors.