Monday, April 16, 2007

OMG Andy Hagler could win my money!

Seriously...I am so sick of Publishers Clearing House and their constant emails. All I did was want to enter one stupid NFL contest during the superbowl and made the mistake of entering Publisher's Clearing House. Since then almost daily I get emails telling me stupid things like this:
Right now, Andy Hagler is hoping you don't read this letter.

Why? Because Andy Hagler has already been selected the alternate recipient of prize money that could rightfully be won by you, LISA WARD.

You see LISA WARD, there is a real chance the
prize entry opportunity you're reading about right now
could be selected as the winner of $25,OOO.OO (Giveaway
#1116). If that's the case and you fail to enter on time,
Andy Hagler of Texas will get the money that should
have been yours.

And here's the part that almost seems unfair -- Andy Hagler has already won $1O,OOO.OO from Publishers Clearing House. Everyone here would much rather award the prize to someone like you, LISA WARD who hasn't yet won a prize and is holding a fully valid entry for this prize right now.

LISA WARD, $25,OOO.OO is a lot of money and I'm sure you feel that you should receive it -- not Andy Hagler. After all, you've been a good friend of Publishers Clearing House since 02/04/2007. Mr. Hagler is a nice enough person, but wouldn't you rather be the one getting the big $25,OOO.OO prize?

Actually, it's really up to you at this point. To be considered for this $25,OOO.OO prize you must return the attached $25,OOO.OO Cash Prize Entry Document by the imminent April 19th (11:59 PM, ET) deadline .

Don't risk forfeiting the prize to Andy Hagler -- submit this entry to claim your prize number before it's too late.

Gee Andy, quit being such a hater in trying to "take" my money...I also wonder does anybody actually buy any of the junk they try to push off on you?


Head Spinner Scott said...

Now, someone will kill this Andy Hagler guy and blame the sweepstakes

Lisa Renee said...

Well, if Publisher Clearing House isn't lying, the only person that would benefit would be me...and I'm not that kind of person, not even for $25,000.


I did for the fun of it see if I could find Andy and tell him about the email.

Anonymous said...

WOW Andy Hagler gonna take my money too. lol.

sketchyninja said...

Poor Andy, at least he already has 10,000

Hooda Thunkit said...


"...also wonder does anybody actually buy any of the junk they try to push off on you?"

The short answer is NO.

That's why I don't receive their solicitations anymore.

Granted, it took several years though...

Now, all that I have to put up with are the solicitations from other than the magazine's publishers trying to get me to renew my subscriptions through their "service."

Fell for that one once.

Now, as the raven put it, nevermore.

If a publisher uses this kind of "service" to handle their subscription renewals, then I stop reading their magazine.

Alicia said...

Thats funny, I got the same letter lol. Yes , that would be such bull to award a previous winner money but I dont know if it's real or not. Plus you ever notice how miost of the people who win are old as hell. No offense but is it because they are closer to the grave then everyone younger and they wont have ot continue paying out maybe? Who knows but I just thought I would reply.

Lisa Renee said...

I've actually wondered that too Alicia, makes me wonder if the next time I should lie and say I'm older than I really am then declare it was a typo...


uncleknubs said...

Hey wait a minute that's my $25,000.00 that Andy Hagler could get PCH told me so, and they wouldn't lie; would they? I mean they even sent me a picturwe of him and everything. I think you've made a mistake, it was just like mine, ordering something from them! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wow this Andy Hagler must be some rich S.O.B. This guy is lined up to win every bodies $25,000. What extreme luck he has. Must be good days being that creepy looking old man.

Anonymous said...

my letter from PCH said that 'ol Andy would get my money too if I didn't respond. What the hell, Can't win if you don't play, right? they do'nt offer Corvette Fever or Vette so I never even look at the magazine ads. do a Google search, the guy actually exist and is contactable!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, he's going to win my money too. Funny, I googled his name just to see if there was really someone with that name and found this site.

angellora said...

I'll be danged! Just like you, "good old Andy" was in line to win my Christmas giveaway money too!! Lo & behold, on there was his name as the Christmas Day winner!!! Imagine that.....I smell a rat!! Or something just as stinky....

Anonymous said...

Oh my... i have a cousin in Texas named Andy Hagler... maybe I should call him!