Thursday, December 06, 2007

So what is colloidal silver?

Earlier this year when I was looking for natural based products that had an antibiotic type element to them, I started coming across the term, colloidal silver. At first I thought it was not "real silver" but the more research I did, I discovered that it really is small particles of silver in a water based solution and at one time colloidal silver was used by the pharmaceutical companies. Even before that it was used to treat wounds and skin infections. As I started to read even more about the history of silver, I found the topic even more interesting, especially when you realize how long silver has been used in history for various purposes.

Today, many people turn to colloidal silver as a nutritional supplement and they feel it provides many benefits to them as far as reducing their susceptibility to colds or the flu and strengthening their immune system. What I find most interesting is that many of our current natural products were at one time used in history and that for some the desire to not use artificially manufactured products has created a re-interest in natural products of our forefathers.

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