Friday, December 07, 2007

The purpose of structured settlements...

The first time I heard the term Structured Settlement was when one night I was unable to sleep and I saw a television ad about this and I became curious as to what exactly this was, so I did some research. It makes sense since most people who do get some type of a settlement don't receive it in one large lump sum, they receive it in smaller payments stretched out for an extended time period. At the time, it may seem like that's a workable plan but later things can change which creates a need for some or all of that funding.

The easiest way to describe the purpose of Structured Settlements is that it is like a loan where a company like Stone Street gives you a percentage of the original agreed settlement, they give you a lump sum. The fees and all of the details are hard to quote as an average since each situation is different which is why companies like Stone Street exist, they specialize in this area. They do offer a free quote so that you'll know up front exactly what you can expect so that you can make the right decision for your own personal settlement situation.

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