Monday, December 10, 2007

Looking at no medical exam life insurance

When you see advertising for no medical exam life insurance, you might assume that this is designed for people who are trying to hide serious health problems or that the rates for such policies would be much higher than other forms of life insurance. Neither of those is typically the case, most insurance companies have stipulations as to certain health conditions that would not allow you to purchase a no health exam policy. One of the main reasons many people select this is because it's a faster process, there are less forms needed and as the name implies, there is no medical exam necessary to obtain the life insurance. Life insurance rates depend on many factors, but it is possible to find comparable prices for no exam required policies versus ones that do require a health exam.

Using a company like Investor's Financial Group to obtain insurance that meets your specific needs is another way to speed up the process, rather than going from company to company to get a quote. In addition to no medical exam insurance policies they offer many other types of insurance including Senior Life insurance. Their website contains more details and also has a Life Insurance Need Calculator which is an extremely useful tool for you to be able to quickly see if you currently have enough life insurance coverage.

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