Monday, December 03, 2007

I'd really like world peace for Christmas but...

While I'd wish for something like world peace for Christmas, I realize that's not a possible gift that could deliver on. So I opted for the next best thing, thinking about someone close to me and what I know they would love, when I entered and selected a gift I'd love to win in the All I want for Christmas Giveaway that starts today at

The contest is easy to enter, you register for the contest, pick out a gift you'd like to win that is under $1,000 then find the "email to a friend" link on the page for that gift sending it to from the email address you registered. Where it gets even better is you can pick five friends to also receive a gift if you are the daily winner, they'll receive an email and if they register? You could be giving even more joy this holiday season.

You can pick the same gift every day to try to win or you can pick a different one, as long as it's under $1,000.00. I selected the Extreme Notebooks Raptor since I know one of my daughters would love to have her own computer. When she moved in with us from her father's home he did not let her take the computer there that was a gift to her, and it's not something that she could afford to buy for herself. The contest runs from today until December 7th, so the sooner you enter? The more daily chances you have to win.

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