Monday, December 03, 2007

Obama not honest on his "presidential dreams"?

While some in the Ohio blogosphere that I really do respect are calling foul on the kindergarten issue, if it were just that then I'd tend to agree with Redhorse, but there is more than just that. If you take a look at the information provided by the Hillary Clinton campaign there is more than just the presidential dreams of a five year old.

Having been one of the few top Ohio Democratic Bloggers who have not partaken of the Obama largess and the only one who asked questions as to the bookkeeping aspect of the Obama paying for tickets for dinner for an Ohio Democratic Party event that went ignored, I realize for many in the Ohio blogosphere that Obama is their preferred candidate and that he has never been mine. I found the lack of answers then and still to be troubling, even before the Hillary issue which I can't say I'm on the Hillary train either. The Obama campaign has ignored my existence as well as any attempts to get answers from them past and present here on LCS and on Glass City Jungle. While I don't expect them to court me nor am I the special favors type of blogger, as I'm sure given my only dealing with their campaign they are aware of, they have not done anything to counter my concerns nor ever explain the lack of answers to valid questions asked as far as documentation.

Evidently they don't feel I matter, which makes me wonder if they can not answer basic questions based on valid concerns, how long it will be before others start to wonder as to the lack of honesty. For me, this is just another piece of evidence that Obama is not being honest, just as I will never forget his claim that he was a product of Selma when he was not:
"This is the site of my conception. I am the fruits of your labor," Obama told an audience of civil rights movement veterans. "When people ask me if I've been to Selma before, I tell them I'm coming home."

I never bought the later explaination that did not receive as much media attention that he was three years old when Selma happened, kind of hard to be conceived when you had already existed for three years, unless of course you are a Presidential candidate who seems to be getting a skate on things like that...


Kurt said...

Lisa, with all due respect, you hold yourself out to be someone that's not in it for yourself. But with this post, and your post on GCJ about Konop not giving you props some time ago, it is evident to me that you wish to be recognized by powerful people.

In reading the above post, I must say that 20% was about Obama being questionable, the other 80% was about him slighting you. I fully admit that I am an Obama supporter, or maybe Edwards, I'm torn, but the point is that you don't like him because his campaign has ignored one of the most popular bloggers in Ohio (you). What you quoted was not dishonest. How is it dishonest?

In my opinion, Obama is making sound financial judgments by ignoring bloggers. Why should he spend his time and money on you when he can reach a much broader audience by using TV and radio? Why should he spend time and money on you when he only need to concentrate on Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina for the time being? Maybe he will spend time with you when the time comes? I think he's being fiscally responsible.

Lisa Renee said...

I'd question your math - 80% was about his being questionable, 20% about his not answering questions.


Lisa Renee said...

As a ps Kurt, this is not GCJ, this is my personal political blog where I state how I feel as opposed to GCJ where I try to keep my opinion out of the local issues and provide information. Information is still shared here, but I don't limit my ventings, rantings, speculations, etc.

I have no desire to meet or to get special attention from Obama, what we are focusing on is a simple lack of a response from several requests for information added to the previously outlined questionable behavior.

With all due respect Kurt, at times you are more critical of me than the real issues the posts raise.

Roland Hansen said...

Barack is blowing smoke. His early runnings in the media-made horse race is a result of information manipulation by the mass media thereby shaping the dialog of the public.

Kurt said...

Of course I'm critical of you... it is natural to be critical of anybody who writes anything. If you say something that is inconsistent with the way you hold yourself out, I will call you on it. I've said before and will say again that I completely respect you, and I realize this is not GCJ where you hold some political weight. I think it unreasonable to expect a presidential candidate to respond to a local blogger when his campaign has not yet set up shop in the state. If he wins the nomination, I can bet you that his campain will be all over your blogs. They'll be emailing you everyday. But Ohio is only important in the general election. Right now, his resources are dedicated to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. It's ridiculous, but that's the way it works. Michigan tried to change it this year, but it failed. What can we do?

By the way, you didn't answer my question. How is Obama dishonest?

P.S. I studied math for a long time in college before switching majors because I realized studying math was worthless. Don't question my math skills.

Also, expect a new blog from me in the next few months concerning a change in the Toledo City Charter.

Lisa Renee said...

Kurt, we've had the discussion on Obama before, more than once. Despite your education, I still question your description of 80/20