Monday, November 26, 2007

"Ozone Man" goes to the WhiteHouse

Peter Baker seems to have had a good time in writing about Bush Meets Al Gore, that was obvious right from the very beginning of the piece:
It must be the season. President Bush tried yesterday to make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. And he tried to make peace with Al Gore.

For the first time since Bush moved into the house Gore coveted, the two adversaries from the tumultuous 2000 presidential election sat down to talk. When they later let in the folks with pens and cameras, they were all smiles, but mum about their discussion.

The official purpose of the historic summit was not the Middle East peace conference Bush is also hosting this week but the normally more prosaic photo op the White House typically schedules each year with the latest American winners of the Nobel Prize. As it happened, this year's laureates included none other than the guy Bush's father once called "Ozone Man."

Then when you read the Time headline, Bush, the Born-Again Peacemaker you really have to wonder is it the season?

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