Monday, July 30, 2007

Paid blogging without driving you crazy...

In my never ending balance of doing blog postings that will result in me get paid to blog that will be of some value and interest to the readers of Liberal Common Sense, I have signed up with another company that does blog advertising by the name of "Smorty".

They have some interesting things to blog about, as well as opportunities like this one where I you get paid for blogging about joining their company. Life in the getting paid to blog world does not get much easier than that. Their payment policy is faster than some of the other paid blogging companies and thus far they have had a varied amount of topics for me to select from, which I think benefits all of us, since it creates variation. Their sign up process was very easy, the two blogs I decided to enroll were approved within a very short time period and I had opportunities waiting for me to post about. They also email you when new campaigns have been released so that you have a better chance of not missing something that you would really like to share your thoughts on. So, I do recommend that you get "Smorty".


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