Monday, July 30, 2007

Japan should apologize when the US does..

Our wonderful government at work...rather than concentrate on issues that directly affect US citizens, this was one of the headlines today:

U.S. House urges Japan to apologize for WWII sex abuses.

Here in the US, women have been abused through out history, the Japanese were forced into interment camps and had their homes, businesses, and financial security taken away from them. Chinese immigrants were abused during the Gold Rush days, Indians have been abused and mistreated through out history and then of course let us not forget how many African Americans were forced to come here as slaves.

I suggest when we become perfect and we have apologized for all of the wrongs done by those in the past, like say...dropping bombs on hoards of innocent people and killing them to force their country to surrender...Then we worry about trying to force Japan into apologizing for something that happened before a great deal of us here today were even born.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Typical government "burrocrats," dwelling on the past, when it is the future that most concerns the living. . .