Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Members of GOP reject amnesty for illegals...

As reported by several media sources including the Washington Times, 47 of the 168 member Republican National Committee are going against what the President wants, amnesty for illegal immigrants in some form.

The proposed RNC resolution does not address such issues as a temporary-workers program, the issuance of "green cards" and paths to citizenship — issues that helped derail the Senate bill — but instead calls for using all means necessary to secure the borders, including the regular Army as well as the National Guard.

The resolution, fashioned by Arizona Republican Chairman Randy Pullen, asserts that the "ability of millions of unidentified persons to illegally enter and remain in the United States presents a grave risk to the sovereignty" of the nation and the American people.

"Congress has already authorized the construction of 854 miles of border fencing and appropriated $1 billion to construct it, and it is reliably reported that less than 20 miles of such fencing have been completed," the resolution says.

I understand the concern about amnesty, yet I still have to wonder how anyone believes the fence is going to work...


Winghunter said...

I guess you can wonder all day long if you don't do the research required to make an informed opinion...might be an indication of your overall views also.

Where does the fencing exist today and what is the Border Patrol reporting as a sharply impressive decrease in attempted illegal alien crossings...the facts are there for all to see if the individual is not predisposed to denial.

Lisa Renee said...

It might be, or it might be an indication that you jumped to a misinformed conclusion about my research on this issue past and present.

Simple logic tells you that a decrease in one location because of increased Border Patrol and a fence merely means they are coming through in other areas. When the whole fence is complete, the expectation would be there would be areas that are weak that would be breached.

The short version of my position as an FYI is the only way to really stop the flow of illegal immigrants is to enforce action against employers who hire them rather than wasting resources building a fence and increased Border Patrols. Stop the reason they come? They stop coming...

Thanks for stopping by though.


Hooda Thunkit said...

It sounds to me like 47 members of the RNC are in tune with most Americans, however I think Lisa has the right idea.

Lisa, you should run.