Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm a news junkie...

I have come to grip with the fact that I am a news junkie, it's probably one of the main reasons I blog national and local politics because I find it so very enthralling. So hearing about a place that would give me personalized news was one I was very interested in checking out. I headed over to Thoof to see what they were about, and I perused the many articles that were there on the Thoof front page and I came across one that I had missed in my news surfing...

A post written on Think Progress questioning how serious could our media possibly be if an interview with Michael Moore related to his latest movie Sicko could be canceled in preference of an interview with Paris Hilton.

While I personally believe helping Michael Moore to promote his movie isn't something I'd consider "serious journalism" anyway but at least the topic of his movie is more relevant to news than Paris Hilton is.

Back to Thoof though, it seems like an interesting system and it did point out to me a story I had missed. In writing this blog and my other ones I don't have as much time to read articles from varied sources. Using Thoof would give one the ability to do that in a non RSS feeder fashion. I admit I am not a fan of the way content is presented in a feeder so a type of presentation the way Thoof does this I really like.

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Stephanie said...

Michael Moore vs. Paris Hilton

It would be more newsworthy if they were trading blows.