Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GOP blocks longer leaves...

Today's Washington Post the recent proposal to extend leaves for Soldiers appears to be dead as an option.

Legislation that would have required longer troop rests between combat deployments fell today to a Republican filibuster, but GOP fissures over President Bush's war policies continued to widen, with two more Republican senators signing on to binding troop withdrawal dates.

The Senate voted 56-41 to cut off debate on an amendment to the annual defense policy bill by Sen. James Webb (D-Va.) that would have mandated that troops be granted home leave between deployments of at least as long as their previous combat tours. Already stretched National Guard and Reserve units would have been granted three-year breaks between assignments.

I'm still torn on the issue of the National Guard, it was designed to protect "The Nation" not be used as overseas long term military...

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Head Spinner Scott said...

The Guard is a hard one. I think that they should be used and deployed, but that it also has to be within reason. Guard units shouldn't be doing longer tours or more tours then active units, but they also sign up knowing they can be activated.

I suppose if I was still in the Guard I may feel differently. I did think that Webb's amendment was a good one. Unfortunately it is also not possible until we change the overall military policy on Iraq because we need everyone we have. Or we could reinstate the draft, but the wealthy and powerful would never allow their children to serve in this war they supported.