Friday, July 20, 2007

Hillary has boobs? OMG!

At times the stupidity of the media astounds me and this article in the Washington Post by Robin Givhan takes the recent, OMG how inane can you be moment in my book for focusing on...are you ready? Are you sure? *Gasp* Hillary showed some cleavage.

Any wonder women have problems being taken serious? It's silly articles like this where someone in the position of Hillary Clinton is has people trying to see how much boobage she's showing.

While Givhan was given the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism the rationale being:

"Awarded to Robin Givhan of The Washington Post for her witty, closely observed essays that transform fashion criticism into cultural criticism."

This article? Was not Pulitzer material...not even close...


knicksgrl0917 said...

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Marisa said...

Who knew?

Seriously, I think she looked nice in the pink/black combo and wouldn't have even noticed the cleavage if I hadn't read the story. Must've been a slow news day.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Boobs or cleavage?

My plumber has cleavage ;-)

(a.k.a. crackage...)