Friday, July 20, 2007

Poker Strategy hints....

I'm good at certain card games, like canasta but I've never really gotten the hang of poker to be able to win. Many of my friends and family really enjoy playing poker, several variations of poker which has made me want to learn how to play winning poker. I'm tired of being the one who never wins, even though we only play for fun not money.

The more I read the more I realized I did not know about the game, for instance I had no idea that table position was a factor. After reading the article it makes sense, but it was not something that occurred to me.

I did at least feel that I had the concept of bluffing down, and I have managed to do that. In part I believe due to past games I've played where bluffing was a part. As I stated, we play for fun not for money but I do know people who do play for money, so I'm sure articles like this one on poker game selection would be of great interest to them. All in all I realized I do still have quite a bit to learn about poker but with some of the strategy tips I've learned maybe....just maybe I will win the next time.


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