Tuesday, April 24, 2007

AskPatty's secret Second Life...

Real Life meets Second Life, one of the most popular online simulation communities all over the world, and one quite a few local people that I know are really into to is called Second Life. Now someone that we've discussed before has taken the leap from real world to this sim World, AskPatty's Second Life Page. It sounds like there are some amazing things on Pontiac's Motorati Island as well as some great bonus items such as an AskPatty shirt or pin. They've done an excellent job in taking what is a fun place for people to hang out online and provide some fantastic information, as an example one of my favorite topics, alternative fuels. I'd also recommend entering the $50,000 automotive shopping spree, and checking out what some of the experts have to say.

If you have resisted the lure of Second Life you can get a good feel for some of the fun by viewing the pictures or venture even deeper by deciding to Teleport to AskPatty in Second life.

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