Monday, March 12, 2007

Rodeo Drive does create the image of the best...

When you hear the name "Rodeo Drive" you automatically think of the best shops, the best places to seen and be seen and in keeping with that thought of the "best" if you are looking for plastic surgery in California, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery wants you to be aware of their existance. If you are going to have plastic surgery, Dr. Lloyd Krieger, the founder of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery believes that too many plastic surgery practices treat patients in an "institutional" manner. While I have gone on record as not being a fan of plastic surgery, I'd have to say I do agree with the concept that for those that are going to consider plastic surgery that it be based on what their individual desires are as an outcome and also based on what is really possible as an outcome. I also discovered when visiting their website that Dr. Krieger specializes in Abdominoplasty and is well known in his field as well as in the media for the The Rodeo Drive Belly Button. As this quote demonstrates:
"We designed our center to combine the convenience of storefront shopping with what I call the Four Seasons treatment.," Dr. Krieger concludes. "Because cosmetic surgery is elective, people are looking for a first-class experience, and that's what we offer at our center."

It does appear that is exactly what is being offered thru Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery and one of the reasons they've been featured the media, including Fortune Magazine...

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