Monday, March 12, 2007

Media continues to want to make it about Clinton and Obama...

Sometimes I wonder who really controls politics anymore, is it really the party process or is it the media? Last time around the media helped to propell Howard Dean, then took glee in turning around to destroy him. I can't help wondering which will experience that this time around, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. We already have some of the more sillier media referring to Clinton with some Godzilla type name and then Obama as Bambi. I don't know about you but to me, Godzilla kicks ass and Bambi well, would you really want Bambi as president? I think that particular reporter is missing the boat if she's trying to help Obama...

So with that, we get to this article in the Washington Post, where Obama states:
"I know Iowans are notorious about wanting to lift the hood and kick the tires," Obama said at the event in Clinton, a small town in eastern Iowa, on Saturday, noting that he could guess what some in the audience were thinking: "I want to wait and hear what John Edwards has to say, he's kind of good-looking. And you know, Hillary Clinton, you know, she's interesting."

Now, if the media was going to be fair considering what they've done to other candidates, like Biden as an example...the headlines should scream:


Then of course Ann Coulter needs to make a few remarks about Obama and question his manhood since he commented on the appearance of another candidate.

I'm not going to lie and pretend I'm not still a fan of John Edwards at this point, but I'm also not going to fall into the hype that the media wants us to believe that somehow, this early on it's already about just Obama and Clinton...I've learned from the past that whoever is the front runner this early out can end up not even being in the race when the primaries are all said and done...


TLC said...

I too have been wondering "where the heck is the media coverage of John Edwards?" I mean, he did put his hat into the ring...and yet, lately it seems to be the Hilary and Barack show. (Not the I'm complaining about the coverage of Obama, but let's make it all equal coverage, ya know?)

Hooda Thunkit said...


Your last paragraph sums the reality up very nicely, especially this early in the so-called "race."

A thought:
What makes anyone think that the MSM isn't owned and controlled by the parties...?

Hooda Thunkit said...


Equal coverage?

Surely you jest ;-)

Which reinforces my "thought" in my response to Lisa (above).