Monday, February 05, 2007

Now this is a cool Cafe...

I like playing online games, I'm not into the social aspect as much but for those of you who are, might just be the perfect place for you. Membership is free and there are many games to select from. Playing online games against other people is preferable playing against a computer for many of us, it's also a better way to try to win since most of the computers programmed to play games end up winning. Some of the games like Music Conect where you match similar musical shapes together to bring back harmony are pretty fun to play. Egypt Quest is another puzzle game that is coming soon and that one looks very interesting too. You do have the ability to purchase "gold coins" that will let you have enhanced game features and avatars, which for me is kind of a downside since I've been really unhappy with some of the other pay game systems out there but it does appear that you can play many of the games for free so it is possible to enjoy without having to purchase gold coins beyond the first 500 that they give you for free. So it is up to you what type of a game experience you want and they are very honest about it rather than luring you in only to discover that game you have become addicted too can only be unlocked for X dollars. Now that is not my idea of fun, and during the time I spent at, I did have fun.

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