Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An email I got from John Edward's campaign...

I received this email earlier today and I wanted to share some parts of it with you...

Dear Lisa Renee,

As you well know, the American health care system is broken for far too many of our families. Today, 47 million people are uninsured, while uncertainty grows and costs spiral for nearly everyone else. To fix this crisis, we don't need an incremental shift, we need a fundamental change.

So today, I'm proud to announce my plan to guarantee top quality health care to every man, woman and child in this great country. And I need your help.

Change this big simply cannot come from the top down. To make this dream a reality, we must build a groundswell of support to demand change from the bottom up. We can't start in two years or six months. If we're going to transform America, we've got to start today.

If you're ready to begin, here's what you can do right now:

Sign up to support universal health care. Achieving universal coverage will require hundreds of thousands of Americans willing to take action.

In the next week, talk to at least three of your friends or family members about this plan, and ask them to sign up as well. If we each talk to just three people in the next seven days, we'll reach millions of people and start a chain reaction that will raise awareness and catalyze action across the nation - a good start.
Here's how my plan will save money, improve flexibility, and guarantee health care for every man, woman and child in America:

Require businesses and other employers to either cover their employees or help finance their health insurance.

Make insurance affordable by creating new tax credits, expanding Medicaid and SCHIP, reforming insurance laws, and taking innovative steps to contain health care costs.

Create regional Health Markets purchasing pools to ensure that every single American has a way to purchase an affordable, high-quality health plan, increase choices among insurance plans, and cut costs for businesses offering insurance.

Once these steps have been taken, require all American residents to get insurance.

Click here for more details of the Edwards Plan (opens in PDF).

Read the information and see what you think and if you do agree with this as a viable plan, please sign the petition. If you don't agree? At least you know what John Edwards is proposing....


Aaron said...

Getting out of the gate to woo those dem healthcare votes from Hillary? I can say that national health care over here in England is miserable, which makes me very skeptical of changing things potentially for the worse in the US. Keep the hospitals and doctors with some sense of competition and customer focus.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm not sure I can disagree with you on that one, I've heard similar things on National Health care in both the UK and in Canada that have me concerned.

I also agree there needs to be a customer focus, since that seems to be a huge problem.

Hooda Thunkit said...


If the medical bills don't get addressed by the individual, the unrealistic cost of health care will never get fixed and never be affordable, so universal health care will do nothing to address the costs.

I'll write something about this exact thing later today.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't disagree with you either Hooda that costs have to be addressed or it's pointless.

I look forward to reading your post about it.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I forgot about this, but finally posted it ;-)

Better late then never...